Intro: Traditional Career path are broken, but there is another way

The future is for self-learner, creatives, self-starters, and people with a growth mindset. I explore with interesting guests the many facets you can enjoy a great career via lateral ways.

 Hello, and welcome to the Sideway and Benjamin Spring. And I decided to launch this podcast to help myself and others live a more entrepreneurial and creative career. The future is for self-learner agile people and creators who can learn a new skill set and launch a project on their own collaborate, or bring a unique entrepreneurial mindset and skillset to the job.

As a student following a typical career path, I was frustrated for a few years without being able to name the problem that led to some self destructive behavior and the general feeling of frustration before finding another way  a sideway to a more fulfilling and interesting career as a creator freelancer, but as well employee. 

The internet open many learning opportunities and markets, Any slowly killing our credential based society. We are all artists and entrepreneurs who can follow our curiosity. And it's a good thing. 

I will mostly invite interesting guests that live the life and their career with a growth mindset laterally and by continuously shipping projects and learning, I hope you'll enjoy it.

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